Mergers & Acquisitions

You are looking for an expert, who can responsibly structure and organise your transactions, as an overall project or also individual stages in the process.  We at transition-manager have drawn up a special strategy plan for this purpose.

Business Development

You want to be sure that the development strategies will be implemented efficiently and with your interests at heart, then the selective employment of a specialist like Alexander Eichner is the right decision.

Due Diligence

Are you aware that in many cases a right or wrong decision depends on the quality and evaluation of the information available?  Here Alexander Eichner has the experience necessary to provide you with a complete evaluation basis.

Merger Management

Whenever there are plans for operative co-operations, strategic alliances and mergers, the question always arises: work together or join together? Here specialists with experience are required.  We at transition-manager will ensure that your merger becomes a success story.

Annual general meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting is the reflection of your company’s performance.  Therefore you must be convincing in all respects, before, during and after the AGM.  We at transition-manager ensure trouble-free processes and a perfect organisation for your AGM. You are entitled to nothing less!

Interim Management

Interim management is temporary management and is primarily employed where there is a shortage of managers e.g. after a manager has unexpectedly left the company, for new commercial challenges, such as new projects or concepts.  We at transition-manager have been bridging these gaps successfully for 18 years.

Management Bo, Bi

The MBO/MBI is an interesting alternative for succession regulation or where a company owner would like to reduce his professional activities and sell his company. We at transition-manager guide you through the entire process, from the drafting of feasibility analyses to a current/target situation analysis of the MBO/MBI candidate.

Central and Eastern Europe Investments

The majority of companies which already have experience of the new EU member states and Russia, tend to evaluate the prevailing investment conditions in those countries as good (82%). Here Alexander Eichner has pragmatic operating methods: intensive presence on site, constant communication and persistant project monitoring.

Shutdown Management

Sometimes, unfortunately, an insolvency just cannot be prevented, in spite of all the effort.  For the company owner the question arises in such cases: what is the best exit scenario? We at transition-manager guide our clients through such processes using all our experience and prudence.

Take-over Management

Unfriendly take-over, here the ’winner’ is he who has management skills beyond those that are taught at elite universities. You need exactly those skills in your present situation? Alexander Eichner was nominated for the International Award Deal of the Year 2001: NewMedia Spark for Spütz take-over (see our Press)

Company succession

It is mostly a psychological problem, rather than a complex matter.  The transfer of a company into the next generation is, in principle, easy to resolve rationally, providing the ’old man’ really wants to go. Based on his extensive experience, Alexander Eichner shows best possible ways to implement this common aim.

Professional Networking

By having new approaches, options and opportunities at our disposal – made to suit the company’s current situation – tm is able point out new strategies that might have been overlooked by the party concerned.

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